SideBuddy Launches New Cargo Trailer for Bikes

By on May 27, 2017

Jonkoping, Sweden – Scandinavian based company Jordi Hans Design will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for their cargo bike trailer SideBuddy on Kickstarter this June. The product aims to fit the needs of those who use bicycles as their chosen source of transportation. The innovative design is a multifunctional cargo trailer that attaches to the side of bicycles and can be used for different functions. It was designed by Jordi Hans, a graduate of Jonkoping University who opened up his own business in Jonkoping, Sweden named Jordi Hans Design.

He first came up with the idea to build a cargo trailer for bicycles in 2013 because he wanted to create a better way to use bicycle transportation. He noticed that most other cargo bike trailers on the market were lacking certain features and sought to create the ultimate bicycle product to solve these problems.

More about SideBuddy

The SideBuddy is lightweight at approximately 20 kg but can carry up to 120 kg of cargo. It can be ordered with a maximum of three seats that include seatbelts. It easily detaches from the bicycle and has adjustable handles which transform the cargo trailer into a shopping cart or walking stroller.

The cargo trailer can be collapsed 50 cm and has dual doors located on the sides for easy loading of children or cargo. A braking system links the cargo trailer to the bicycle and applies brakes to the two rear wheels. A few additions to ensure safety have been put into place, including six exterior lights and two rear reflectors for visibility, a helmet and first aid kit. The option is available to place the trailer behind the bicycle as well.

Options to customize the SideBuddy are abundant. It’s available in 12 different solid colors, can be layered in a Hydrodip solution to create any custom pattern and has a unique LED light function that glows brightly at night in different colors.

The Kickstarter campaign for SideBuddy is set to launch in early June. Join their social networks for regular updates and to support the campaign.