Shibui visiting Sweden

By on September 17, 2017

Shibui is a unique link between the Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine at a gastronomic level where guests are invited to a trip in taste, texture and arrangement aesthetics.

Kyoto Kimihiro Takenaka and Martin Löving, two merit chefs from Japan and Sweden, offer the unique opportunity to face a fusion of two worlds. The focus is on challenging all the senses of the guests who visit the popup restaurant in Stockholm.

Takenaka and Löving met during one of Löving’s many inspirational trips to Japan, where a philosophy about how food should be cooked and be treated grew up. The two cooks are, from their own schools and cultures, educated and aware of the importance of food for the body and its function. This will be reflected in the menu, which varies from day to day based on what the chefs find, select and buy on the local market.

At the pop-up restaurant Shibui, Takenaka and Löving will serve:

Sashimi with Dashi
Spicy egg, miso and mustard pickled accessories.
Steamed pilgrim mussel, vegetables and broth in a mussel shell.
Entrecotê, grilled and black sooted with accessories.
Japanese soup with seafood cookies and sake.
Matcha flavored mochi, fresh plum, roasted almond, almond ice cream and plum cake.

Stockholm, c / o PS matsal, Nytorgsgatan 42, Tuesday-Saturday Week 43.

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Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm