Shebly Niavarani in Pulitzer Prize Drama about Identity and Tolerance after September 11th

By on March 6, 2018
Matilda Rahm

Shebly Niavarani is starring as star lawyer Amir Kapoor in the Pulitzer prize play Onåd with the Swedish premiere March 10 at the Little Stage. Director is deputy theater and performing arts manager Dritëro Kasapi. The ensemble also consists of Malin Crépin, Emil Almén, Anna Sise and Omid Khansari.

– At last I get to put up Onåd! And with a wonderful ensemble that can reproduce the story’s complexity. At a time when questions about identity are more politicized than ever, it’s important to figure without simplifying, says Dritëro Kasapi.

Amir Kapoor is a successful star lawyer, happy married to the artist Emily, living in a beautiful floor in Upper Manhattan, New York. Once upon a time he was called Amir Abdullah, a son of Muslim parents from Pakistan. A background that he thinks lacks meaning. Or maybe hiding? Now he has sought to become a partner in the Jewish law firm he is working on.
Onåd is a burning drama about today’s big questions after September 11th. About the power of belonging and how we build ourselves in relation to the society in which we live. What people do we choose to decorate our lives with and why? What is prejudice and what is tolerance?

– I am incredibly pleased to introduce Ayad Akhtar’s texts to our audience. He discusses complex issues in a complex time. In the United States, these issues are discussed more than here, questions about, for example, islamophobia. It is really challenging and extremely interesting, and I hope that the audience will have a need to discuss both themselves and others after the performance. These are questions that are not easy to talk about, yet they are crucial for our time, says Shebly Niavarani.

Shebly Niavarani is twice up to date at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in spring 2018, when he also participates in Våra drömmars stad.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm