Selam Festival Stockholm returns!

By on March 2, 2017

March 8 to 12, it is time for the new updated edition of Selam Festival Stockholm. During this year’s festival takes Selam over the capital for five days with concerts, after-party and mingle. Among this year’s performers we find Malis superstar Rokia Traoré, ending the festival at the Stockholm Concert Hall on 12 March. In addition, the festival will be attended among others by the noted South African house trio Batuk and Latin-jazz icon Calixto Oviedo.

Rokia Traoré is a well-known artist from Mali who was forced to go into exile because of the violence in her homeland. New disc title “Né So” means “home” in Bambara, and around this theme surrounds Rokia Traoré personal lyrics about the political, on the run, nostalgia, love and freedom. 2015 became Rokia a goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, and have expressed it as her mission to bring refugee voices heard by decision makers around the world.

Even South African Batuk continue on the political track, with its vision to unite the African Diaspora through an exchange of African rhythm, culture and language and to bring together those with electro house. In the mini-documentary “Musica da terra” expresses the well-known producer and Batukmedlemmen Spoek Mathambo it this way, “We hope to show what African music is and can be, and what electronic music is and can be. We believe that music creates bridges of understanding each other and reduce the hatred.”

This year’s program includes in addition to these acts names as Kenyan group Sarabi, Natalie Beabella and the Swedish acts Den Förbjudna Orkestern and Daniel Lemma & Hot this year band. The festival concerts will be held at Kulturhuset, Fasching, the South Bar, Dieselverkstaden and the Stockholm Concert Hall. With support from the Music Agency investments in equal festivals lifts Selam up female artists during the festival.

– This year’s festival represents everything that Selam stands for. Equality, diversity and cross-cultural exchanges. The festival’s vision is to highlight music and audiences who rarely get to take part of Stockholm’s cultural institutions and I am very proud of this year’s festival program shows that Stockholm can be a global venue in world-class, says Selam Director Teshome Wondimu.

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