By on May 8, 2017

The South African rock band Seether – behind hits like “Fake It”, “Broken”, “Remedy” and “Careless Whisper” will finally come to Sweden! Poison the Parish World Tour captures the major scenes and festivals in the United States – and now it’s also coming to Europe! The band’s seventh studio album, Poison the Parish, will be released May 12th – and Saturday, September 16th, the band will come to Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

The singer Shaun Morgan describes the tour as follows:

“Playing Europe has always been one of our favorite highlights of every tour. The fans are rabid and know the deepest tracks which means we get to play songs we often gloss over in the US. There’s an intensity and passion that we feed off of and we often allow ourselves to play with more freedom and abandon. My ultimate goal on this tour is achieve my dream of getting a back alley vasectomy with a coat hanger.”

Two dates to long for: Poison the Parish on May 12 – and the Poison the Parish Tour Saturday 16 September at Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

Tickets are released here >>

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