Seeda you to the TCS Lidingöloppet with Racefox – whenever you want

By on July 9, 2018

Now, TCS Lidingöloppet and Racefox are expanding the opportunities to seeda you on your own to more places in the Stockholm area.

To get started in a starting group a little further forward, you can seeda yourself to the TCS Lidingöloppet. Seeding is based on your results in different races, as well as on previous results in the Lidingöloppet. Now there is one way more.

Last autumn, Racefox launched the opportunity to seeda itself by running the last mile from Grönsta Gärde – at any time! Now more places are added and you can now run your own seedingrace in Ursvik, Lida and Hellasgården in Stockholm, as well as Skatås in Gothenburg.

– These are popular exercise facilities and now more have the chance to fix their wished starting group – when it suits just that runner, says Lidingöloppet’s Secretary General Tomas Hoszek.

And it’s easy.

– Just open the Racefox Run app and run away. The app clocks your time and the result is sent directly to Lidingöloppet. Seeding results land in your phone only a few minutes after the pass is complete. If you are not satisfied with the time, just try again. Anyone using the Racefox app identifies itself against Lidingöloppet as clearly as with an ID card through its unique running, motion patterns can not be copied, says Magnus Jonsson, CEO of Racefox.

Here you can seeda yourself to the TCS Lidingöloppet digital with Racefox Run:

Grönsta Gärde (Lidingöppets last mile), Lidingö, 10 km
Hellasgården, Nacka, 5 km (the round runs two laps)
Ursvik, Solna, 5 km (the round runs two laps)
Lida, Huddinge 7.6 km (the round runs two laps)
Skatås, Gothenburg 10 km

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Stockholm