Secret Love is back – visiting Paper Stories

By on June 28, 2018

Soon a new part will be opened in the attentive exhibition Paper Stories at the East Asian Museum. Five Chinese contemporary artists show in the art gallery works where they explore subjects such as identity, sexuality and norms.

After the Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld’s fashion clothing of paper presented in the spring, it now becomes a painting, calligraphy, paper clip, performance and even photography. Behind these works are Jack Qigu, Xiyadie, Li Xiaofeng, Li Xinmo and Han Chao. They were all represented in the popular Secret Love exhibition, produced by World Culture Museums 2012, since then, has been wandering around the world and seen by over half a million visitors. It makes Secret Love the world’s largest contemporary art exhibition about taboo love.

Whilst the Secret Love section moves in, we’ll be able to replace the most fragile and most delicate paper items in Paper Stories, to let them rest in the dark magazine. About a quarter of the historical sights are replaced by other objects; The world’s oldest paper is replaced by the same old ones, and the Japanese woods are replaced by other beautiful motifs.

Secret Love comprises a total of 250 works by 30 Chinese artists. A fifth of these artworks belong to the state collection today, using Nora and Axel Lundgren’s fund.

– We are very proud to announce these acquisitions in Paper Stories, says Si Han, curator at the World Cultural Museums.

Paper Stories will change in late June. But the East Asian Museum is waiting for July 28 to celebrate the opening of the Secret Love section, when the EuroPride festival begins. Then we have invited Li Xinmo, one of the contributing artists.

She makes live calligraphy in large format – a sutra that is part of the exhibition. During the first days of the Euro Pride week, Li Xinmo is in place to complete the sutran in the middle of the exhibition. Then you will also be able to write your own love letters in the studio, as well as share views and program activities related to Secret Love.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm