Season’s end of the year’s Allsång on Skansen

By on August 13, 2018
Märta Thisner

The summers last Singalong at Skansen offers Seinabo Sey, Magnus Uggla, Sven-Bertil Taube and Systerpolskan. As usual, it will swing really both on and in front of the stage.

Seinabo Sey broke through with the song Younger in 2013. After an international breakthrough and countless performances, she took a break and went to West Africa, became older and more determined by herself – in order to release new music now. When she now comes with new music, the West African influences are clear, not least in the elaborate visual expression.

Magnus Uggla: In the seventies, influential Swedish interpreter of British and American glamrock. During the eighties and nineties, liberal rioter with a view to contemporary egoism and yuppie ideals. At the zero-zero century sensitive stewards of the heritage of Povel Ramel and Karl Gerhard. Rock’n’roll, schlager, commercial listpop and revy. In the twenties, more intimate, closer considerations. Eighteen studio album. Fifty two singles. Always in motion. Constantly curious. Contented with not being contented.

Sven-Bertil Taube is a doyen in Swedish cultural life. He has interpreted his father’s musical heritage, participated in a number of musicals and played many roles both in the theater scene and in numerous films.

Systerpolskan mixes traditional folk music with newly written and consists of the musicians Täpp Ida Almlöf, Verf Lena Egardt, Cajsa Ekstav, Erika Lindgren Liljenstolpe, Sonia Sahlström, Lena Willemark and Cecilia Österholm, as well as Benny Andersson as withmusician and co-composer.

Singalong evenings
The singalong evenings start at 19.30 and SVT begins to broadcast directly from Sollidenscenen at 20.00. During the majority of the day, rehearsals are taking place and at 17, the general rehearsals begin.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm