Scandinavian premiere: Eat 6-course dinner with 3D

By on January 20, 2018

The innovative dinner concept Dinner Time Story with the world’s smallest chef, Le Petit Chef, is making its fourth launch in the world and entrance to Scandinavia. In Stockholm at At Six, the pop up restaurant will be welcomed from February 9th, when invited to a unique six-course menu composed by Executive Chef Andreas Askling and his team. The menu is inspired by Marco Polo’s journey alongside Sidenvägen and comes alive with the help of 3D. Storytelling, advanced technology and gastronomic height promise a unique experience for all five senses.

Stockholm is the fourth launch in the world for Dinner Time Story, after success in Dubai, London and Berlin. Through advanced 3D technology and persuasive storytelling, Dinner Time Story and Le Petit Chef take the dinner guests into the world in the footsteps of Marco Polo and the flavors he discovered.

The menu, interpreted by Andreas Askling and his team at Restaurant Dining Room, offers delicious compositions and surprising flavors. Originated in Swedish raw materials, they have produced dishes from the Middle East, India, China, Himalayas and France. The dinner experience that lasts for about two hours is filled with surprises and impressions.

“It’s always fun to be creative in terms of combining and challenging Swedish ingredients with flavors from the world. The menu we have prepared for Dinner Time Story contributes to Le Petit Chef’s journey in a unique way and I am very proud of my team and the food they cook, it will be really fun to have this dinner live during the spring,” said Andreas Askling, Executive Chef at At Six.

The senses can interact when 3D is combined with props, sounds, flavors and smells, allowing guests to stay on the top of the Himalayas and breathe ice-cold air while serving a sorbet of citrus notes – for the next moment to feel warm seasoned lamb and fast-paced experiences in the Middle East.

“In every city we have set up the Dinner Time Story, the chef has made his own interpretation of the menu. We want the culinary trip to have elements from the country The pop-up restaurant opens up the doors. It’s incredibly exciting to see how the Dining Room At Six chose to lift the flavors from the different corners of the world, and Andreas with team put their personal touch. Together with the 3D projection, dinner guests will have an experience they will soon forget,” says Nadine Beshir, founder and CEO/Show Producer at Dinner Time Story.

Dinner Time Story plans to stop all over the world and the pop up restaurant has made great success with high demand and fully booked seats since its launch in Dubai in early 2017. The pop up restaurant opens the doors at At Six on February 9, stays under two months and will have sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. Reservations for Dinner Time Story Stockholm are made at

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm