Scandic Andreas Markne may become the Year Young Industry Star

By on January 27, 2017

Andreas Markne, Food and bevarage Manager at Scandic Talk in Älvsjo, is one of the talents that have been nominated in the industry Visitas Year competition Young Industry Star.

On February 20, the prize is awarded to a person who excelled in extra strong in the hotel and restaurant industry. Andreas is currently participating in the Talent @ Scandic Scandic, a program for future leaders within the group.

Andreas Markne began in 2007 as a night receptionist at the Scandic Anglais, since then it has been progressing. Andreas current position is as Food & Beverage Manager at Scandic Talk, and in the days he was nominated by Visita Year Young Industry Star.

– It is of course extremely fun and inspiring to have been nominated and even more fun to be in the final. Although I have great respect for the other nominees, I’m obviously on to win!, says Andreas Markne, Food & Beverage Manager at Scandic Talk.

Talent @ Scandic is an industry unique talent program, which identifies and develops high-performance leaders who have the ambition to take another step in his career against the senior leadership roles. The program is sprung from Scandic’s culture and an ongoing commitment to encouraging talent and let them grow on both a personal and professional level. Every year 15-20 people in different parts of the Scandic Group is selected to participate in a 10-month program.

– I’m very proud of Andrew’s nomination, he is an incredibly driven and knowledgeable employees. It is so fun and he deserves this attention even outside the Scandic. We keep our thumbs for him to win the prize, said Peter Jang Bratt, Sweden Manager at Scandic.

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