Sayan Isaksson makes pizza on LÅDAN

By on May 9, 2017

On Wednesday, May 10th, Sayan Isaksson takes over the pizza oven at Lådan. It will be Lådan’s third guest play since the start in March and only for one night.

We made it up in the sandbox in the playground last week when we encountered each other with our children. We have seen a couple of times earlier and talked about a guest play and now we got it. We are clearly very proud to have Sayan with us and look forward to his interpretation of what a pizza can be, says Jon Widegren, who started Lådan.

Lådan is Flippin ‘Burgers’ newly opened restaurant on Luntmakargatan in Stockholm. It can be described as a beer hall built around street food in various forms and drinks from smaller Swedish breweries and distilleries. The name Lådan comes from the idea of letting the concept be a little fuzzy and unpredictable with many guest plays that can vary in both direction and sender. Like a old man or old woman in a box that pops up and finds on different things. Lådan is also a metaphor for that particular idea – pulling something out of the box and seeing what it gets.

We think it’s fun with the meeting between high and low and Sayan have in is own business built a very interesting and inspiring model with four different concepts under the same roof, all of which hold the highest level, but between themselves playing with different modes of expression, talks and price levels. That’s why it feels fun that he comes to us and bakes some pizza.

The kitchen is equipped with a pizza oven that is intended for guest plays only and where those who come can make whatever style of pizza they want and feel for. During the opening weekend held the gang from Gastrologik and their back pocket Speceriet in the pizza spade and now it’s time for the next star chef.

It’s no secret that many of the top chefs are often very fond of simple but good street food, and we hope to be a platform for them to come by and do their thing at our place. Sayan will make his own version of what a pizza can be, so it will be more experimental than conventional, says Jon Widegren.

There are two different pizzas, a vegetarian with almond praline and quail egg and one with chorizo and chimichurri on black garlic. Both pizzas can be ordered as a slice.
The guest play takes place at Lådan, Luntmakargatan 63, from 17-22 Wednesday 10 May.

Sayan Isaksson runs the Esperanto group with Imouto, Shibumi, Råkultur and Esperanto in the lead that both have a star in Guide Michelin and recently again was appointed to Sweden’s best restaurant by White Guide.

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