Sara Lagerquist at Swedish based CRM-Konsulterna earns the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award

By on July 3, 2019
On July 1st 2019 Microsoft announced that Sara Lagerquist at CRM-Konsulterna is recognized with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. Lagerquist is only the third Swedish MVP in the Business Applications category, where the other two – Gustaf Westerlund and Jonas Rapp – are also both working at CRM-Konsulterna.

Sara started her career in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem in 2012 when she was responsible for the CRM implementation at an IT education company in Sweden. After three years on the customer side, Sara moved on to become a consultant to help customers realize their needs and implement both CRM and LOB systems. In March 2019 she joined CRM-Konsulterna.

Lagerquist has always had a dedication to empower both users and admins at her clients to do more with the platform by focusing on usability and keeping complexity and technical debt at a minimum. During the last year her skills in this area have given her the chance to spread the mission of finding smart no-code solutions for the platform by speaking at various conferences and sharing her findings in her blog.

Kathrine Hogseth , CEO at CRM-Konsulterna comments the award and the fact that 20% of her employees are now Microsoft MVPs:

–  I am incredibly proud to lead this team, but above all, I am so happy for Sara. She has worked really hard to combine her day job with all the evenings and weekends that are required to contribute to the community.

– At CRM-Konsulterna we value and encourage all kinds of community collaboration. As we are a small and highly focused partner, leveraging and contributing to community content is essential. This award shows that this approach is truly a win-win for both the company, the person, and the platform.

Lagerquist comments:
I couldn’t believe what I read when the email from Microsoft arrived. But after letting the fact sink in, the lasting feeling is that my passion for the platform and finding the best solutions for our customers and the community will only grow. I am extremely humbled to get this recognition in the community and I will do my very best to honor this new title.