Sa’ra Charismata releases her first song about love

By on September 24, 2016

For those who have previously listened to the Swedish-Eritrean New Yorkern Sa’ra Charismata‘s music, they are politically colored texts enclosed in strong pop choruses a hallmark. Charismata stands as a Trojan horse that introduces a contemporary dialogue to a young audience with the ambition of music again to play a decisive role in the social formation.

Themes that Charismata brings up include materialism (“Gold Digga”), war devastation (“Sheep (Let Me Go)”), authorities and companies symbiotic role and control over our lives (“Big Man” and “Mushroom“).

Controversial American media has previously described her as “the quintessential revival of the modern protest song in pop music” and “an outspoken voice that mainstream media may never acknowledge (Afropunk).

Now is Charismata current with her first personal song about love that is based on her experiences as co-dependent in a relationship, as well as her own abuse. It has taken Charismata many years to come here – the lack of self-esteem has made that Charismata have been carrying the shame for many years, but now it wastime to clean up the soul,” says Charismata in a statement.

The new song called “Addicted (To Your Messed Up Kinda Lovin’),” which is written by Charismata and John Stromberg, released Charismata herself under its own label September 20, 2016, with distribution of Spinnup.

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