Sanna Nielsen releases the new single “Inte Ok”

By on April 15, 2017

“Ni ville se mig svag, men jag blev starkare” sings Sanna Nielsen in her new song “Inte ok” released yesterday (Friday).

The phrase in the text searches many years back in time, the song basically deals with things that happened to Sanna during school hours and the need to say when people discard opinions about others.

“I noticed that when someone really puts down his foot and tells how bad comments affect the recipient, people respond and listen. For the most one’s really want a change, and that is what’s nice and positive,” says Sanna, and continues: “It’s all about talking openly about webhate and bullying and not just putting foot down a bit now and then.”

But basically, the song has a more concrete connection to Sannas own school time:
“I felt it was time to write about my story from when I went to school. At the same time, I would try to convey the feelings and thoughts I receive from my fans that tell’s abut how they have it in school and life in general.  I have for may year’s received many letters from children and young people who tell me how tough the climate is in school and online and felt it was natural for me to do something,” she continues.
In recent years, Sanna Nielsen has always been in the spotlight. As a winner of the Melodifestivalen 2014 with the song “Undo” later in the Eurofinals in Copenhagen. As presenter of the same competition 2015 and then also at the Eurovision Song Contest. As program leader for Allsång på Skansen and Christmas Host in SVT last year.
Sanna also tells us about the text to “Inte ok”:
“It’s a personal text and it’s my way to really leave that chapter that was tough for me at school, tell about my strength that I feel today and hopefully make others not feel alone and that they are just as good as they are, no matter what anyone thinks.”
Was it hard to make pop of such a gloomy subject?
“To me it’s no a gloomy song, but the positive reaction to a gloomy substance which I wish is not left in the future. The whole idea is to feel strong and to be just as good as they are, no matter what anyone thinks.”
“Inte ok” was written by Sanna Nielsen together with David Lindgren Zacharias and Olle Nyman with production of Lindgren Zacharias.

Listen to Sanna’s new single, which released yesterday here >>.

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