Sanna Koosz shows ceramic sculpture

By on November 7, 2016

Sanna’s theme for this exhibition is Anti Relations. How do we relate to each other, when we really do not want to see each other, or themselves visible? It may be at a train station, in an elevator or in the shower in a bathhouse. Without knowing much about each other, we are very quick to judge and assess each other.

Relations / Anti relations – January 28-February 16

Just as we humans are all my characters unique.

The characters often look sullen, sour and a bit absent-minded, like you yourself can feel.
They like companionship and want to be together, but dare not all the way without glancing at them near and thinks a lot of things. I think it’s the recognition factor that makes you actually feel happy of them even though they look so sour out. Some gets name and a story right away, while others are waiting to show itself.

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