Samir Badran points finger with the solo single “Karma is a Bitch”

By on December 11, 2017

Now Samir Badran is following up the last solo single with a fingerpointer to the music industry.

“Karma is a Bitch” is a statement-song where Samir tells what he has been through over the years as an artist. The song is written together with the rapper John “Shazaam” Landenfelt and duon Gyllenrå (Daniel Gyllander and Martin Svarne), produced by Gyllenrå and Didrik Franzén.

“Karma is a Bitch” is accompanied by not one, but two music videos. One for Samir & Sigrid Youtube channel and an “uncensored” version released exclusively by Megapixel / PixelTV. In the video we can also see star Theoz in one of the main roles.

The last single ”Vet att du vill ha mig” has streamlined platinum in Sweden, and this is heading for becoming another viral success for Samir.

Listen to “Karma is a Bitch” here>>

See the original video for “Karma is a Bitch” here>>

See the uncensored version of “Karma is a Bitch” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music