Sailing a ship – new adventure at the Vasa Museum

By on February 27, 2017

Today – Monday, February 27 – opens a new interactive adventure at the Vasa Museum: Sailing a ship. A game that combines analog and digital interactivity, and encourage collaboration. With the help of each other, knowledge and methods from the 1600s should children and adults who accept the challenge get a computer animated ships to sail.

In a remodeled and expanded part of the exhibition The sailing ship on the 6th floor, there is now a new part of experiences for all the younger visitors: Sailing a ship. By solving tasks at three different stations – pull up the anchor, set sail and steer with the Koller stock – so can the ship finally set sail.

We want the children who visit us be able to learn things in a fun way and create experiences of how it could go to on Vasa’s time. In this game it is about to sail a ship by overcoming three challenges. Cooperation was the key to success in the 1600s and it is still, says Lisa Månsson, head of the Vasa Museum.

A real time gaming dominates the room and the children must pull together to get the game to go around. On the screen on the wall can the children follow the anchor slowly lifted up and not until it is fully up is the station complete.

It blows at the station where it should be set sail. Literally. Here will the children choose the sails for wind. Puts to many sails in strong winds, well then cracked the masts of the ship on the screen. But when the right set of sails selected are also that station ready.

Vasa was controlled by something called koller stock. The station with the koller stock is probably the most challenging part of the game – in all cases testify Vasa Museum’s test squads that it was the most difficult part. At this station is it a screen in front the koller stock showing the ship, compass, and in which direction you should steer. It’s tricky! But when several help each other it usually goes way to the end. When all three stations are ready, the ship sail away.

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