SAFE by the acclaimed director Falk Richter starts the Bergman Festival

By on August 7, 2018
Hans Malm

On August 23, the Bergman Festival 2018 opens with the first performance of the stage artwork SAFE. Five dancers, six actors and the Icelandic singer-songwriter Helgi Jónsson on the Big Stage in a work created by Falk Richter.

Where does this increase longing for seeming security lead to, when it is only fear that can mobilize us?

Europe is in standby mode. The continent slides apart. Values shifted. Not a year passes without events that trigger a state of emergency. Whether it’s terrorism, climate, politics or economics, the call for security from all directions is heard in radically changed times.

SAFE is a furious contemporary view and a visual choreographic work with newly composed music by Helgi Jónsson and Valgeir Sigurdsson, who previously collaborated with artists like Björk and CocoRosie.

Falk Richter is one of Germany’s leading directors and dramatists, and since 2000 house dramatist at Schaubühne in Berlin, but he has also performed at the Burgtheater in Vienna, the Melbourne Theater Company, the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin and the National Theater in Oslo. With a flow of video, text, dance and music, his sets stretch on the limits of what theater can be. He depicts the contrasts of contemporary times between, on the one hand, global popular culture and immediate access to the Internet and, on the other hand, human shortcomings, loneliness and sorrow. His works often move within fierce subject spheres such as racism, nationalism and homophobia.

His plays are translated into 25 languages and are played worldwide, but only one of them has previously been set up in Sweden – Trust directed by Annika Silkeberg at the Theater Galease 2013. With the play Fear about the threat to open society at the Schaubühne in Berlin 2015 attempted the Christian extremist, without success, to stop the play in various legal processes while he receiving many threat and hate email.

Introduction before performance
The dramaturgen Emma Meyer Dunér talks about Falk Richter.
September 12th, September 28th and October 12th. 18.30 in Marmorfoajén.
Free entrance, open to all (even those without tickets for the evening’s performance).
SAFE, first performance on August 23, The Big Stage.
Part of the Bergman Festival 2018.

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