Sabrina Claudio current with new song – New album out August 15th

By on August 9, 2018

Sabrina Claudio is back after some time in the studio and current with new single and new album. The new song “Messages From Here” has Sabrina written and produced along with Sad Money (Mikhail Beltran) and Kaveh Rastegar and is available on all streaming services and at retailers.

In 2016, Sabrina released her debut album “About Time” which climbed high on the world’s top R & B lists. The new album “No Rain, No Flowers” is released on August 15th and in the new songs Sabrina tells about her personal journey and development.

“No Rain, No Flowers is an inside look into my journey of healing and growth. Rain symbolizes darkness, but also represents an essential part of rebirth. If there is no rain, there are no flowers.” – Sabrina Claudio.

Listen to “No Rain, No Flowers” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music