Sabina Ddumba releases the long-awaited single “Small World”

By on June 10, 2018

Now, Sabina Ddumba releases the long-awaited single “Small World” written by her and Ali Tennant, as well as produced by Michel Angelo, John Alexis and Pontus Persson.

“The song is based on the fact that one can feel very lonely sometimes with everything that happens around one. But you are not. The world may feel so big, but it’s so small at the same time. “ – Sabina.

Sabina has an incredible year behind her. With great success, she was one of the participants in last year’s So Much Better where several of her interpretations have peaked on the radio and Spotify leaderboard. 

During the program, the entire Swedish people became acquainted with the person behind the magic voice and were given the chance to see her musical width in the interpretations she took, including Uno Svenningsson’s “Waves” and Eric Saade’s “Manboy”.

She has since been playing gigs with study time and worked intensively with new material. “Small World” is the starting shot, this fall is waiting for more new music to be released.

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