Runrikets day – Viking weekend in Vallentuna

By on May 3, 2017

The weekend of 20-21 May lives the Viking Age  up in Vallentuna. For the eleventh year in a row, Runrikets day is celebrated, which this year has been extended to last the whole weekend.

Runriket is a collection of 9 visitors’ destinations around Vallentuna Lake in Täby and Vallentuna with interesting historical remains from the Viking Age. Runriket is a collaboration between Vallentuna and Täby municipalities and Stockholm County Museum. Annually implemented the Runrikets day – Viking weekend to pay attention to and make available the Runriket and the unique cultural environments found here.

This countryside is unique, says Eleonor Åberg, Project Manager for Runrikets Day 2017. Nowhere in the world are so many well-preserved runinscriptions as just in this area.

The gate to Runriket is located at Jarlabankes bridge, just north of Täby church. There is an information center with an outdoor exhibition, an adventure park and a reconstruction of the Viking monument Jarlabankes bridge. With the Jarlabank bridge as starting point, you can go around Vallentuna on foot, by bike, by car or by bus.

Runrikets visitors’ destinations is Jarlabankes bridge, Täby church, Broby bridge, Fällbro, Risbyle, Gällsta, Gull Bridge, Vallentuna Church and Arkils tingstad.

Runrikets day – Viking weekend alternates every other year between Vallentuna or Täby. 2016 was celebrated 10th anniversary in Täby.

It’s great fun to focus on Vallentuna’s history 0n a day like this, says Eleonor.

Runrikets day – Viking weekend is aimed at all ages.

– The idea is that there should be something for all tastes, says Eleonor. Here are both games for the children and interesting research talks for those who want to get a bit more to bite in.

Throughout the weekend you can visit the Vikings market and encampment in the meadow next to Vallentuna church. There will be music entertainment, magic show with Arkadia and the opportunity to try out activities such as rowing a viking boat or shooting arch. Vallentuna church will be open all weekend and there is a possibility of a tower climb. Dining is available on site. During the Saturday, Majfest is also held in Vallentuna center at 10-16.

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