Runacademy inspires TCS Lidingöloppets runners

By on February 12, 2018

Want to get new motivation in your workout? Raise yourself a level, or simply get help to get out on that jogging? Now, the TCS Lidingöloppet is collaborating with Runacademy for more people to find inspiration in their running.

With running groups in 46 locations in Sweden and also running coaching online, Runacademy reaches over 5,000 runners.

– Through Runacademy, our participants get an even better running experience, with better technology and more training, it’s even more fun to run the TCS Lidingöloppet, says Tomas Hozsek, CEO of Lidingöloppet.

With running groups, personal training, race courses, travel and camps, fitness and fitness develop – but perhaps the most important factor is the community and that running is really fun when you run together.

– Our aim is to spread running pleasure and inspire more to learn how the running can be more fun. To us are everyone welcome, regardless of the level of ambition. Together with the TCS Liding Race, it will be a training session and we will act as pacesetter in seeding race, says Johanna Bäcklund at Runacademy.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Lidingö