Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Skansen August 3th

By on August 1, 2017

The first Skansen concert of the Royal Philharmonic took place in 1918 and on August 3rd it’s time again. This time at Sollidenscenen.

With this concert at Skansen’s Sollidence scene, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra takes on a fine tradition with two classic pearls – Mozart’s adventures to the opera Troll flute and Dvorák’s symphony “From the New World”. Dvorák wrote it during his years as a composer professor in America and has become one of the world’s most played and popular symphonic works.

Another connection to America at this concert is when Terés Löf performs the rarely heard American composer Amy Beach’s (1867-1944) piano concert.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Uvertyr to the Troll Flute 7 min
Amy Beach Piano Concert 27 min
Pause 25 min
Antonín Dvorák Symphony No. 9 “From New World” 44 min

Royal Philharmonic
Tung-Chieh Chuang, Conductor
Terés Löf, piano

The concert is part of Skansen’s regular entrance.

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