Romeo and Juliet

By on November 9, 2016

The dream of pure love – Romeo and Juliet – in an interpretation of Linus Tunström

The director Linus Tunström begins his tenure as house director at the Culture City Theatre with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Scenography and costumes by Julia Przedmojska and with newly composed music by Foad Arbabi. Starring among others Gizem Erdogan (Julia), Daniel Nyström (Romeo), Emil Almén (Mercutio), Alma Pöysti (Benvolio), Robert Fux (Tybalt) and Åke Lundqvist (Amman). Premiere at Main Stage 18 November.

They are young. They are flash in love. And like all young – immortal.

One night is all they get.

Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare’s immortal love story from the late 1500s – is one of world literature‘s most beautiful and tragic love stories. A story about how young people’s dreams for the future and freedom is shattered by a dogmatic society – with death as the inevitable end station. Now put it up in a contemporary interpretation of the director Linus Tunström making his first set in Sweden after his boss time in Uppsala. And it is ten years since Tunström directed at the Stockholm City Theatre.

After 9 years as a manager it is great to have more time to directing and especially to do it here at the City Theatre. There is a stunning ensemble here, open and brave and the theater enters a new phase that I am happy to be able to participate and contribute to, says Linus Tunström.

Romeo and Juliet is always loaded. A parents’ generation stuck in their tracks not able to turn around. A fierce era where young love gets a revolutionary force. We have placed the story closer to the present. The two warring families are unable middle class rather than the arrogant aristocracy. Capulet family could be likened to the American “family-values” Christian right while the Montagues are more nihilistic San Francisco-liberals, both trapped in an implacable hatred of the other, even though they are not really so different, says Linus Tunström.

Romeo and Juliet takes place under a very tight time-lapse. All acts of choice and feelings takes place in an emergency. And that’s how it is: Time destroys everything. The beautiful moments are over, painfully fast. And in this world arises love, a love that remains pure, a love that escapes the long Relationship complications. The dream of total love, which goes against of the parent generation rigidity, says Linus Tunström.

With Romeo and Juliet directed by Linus Tunström attention Kulturhuset City Theatre 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. During the coming years will Linus Tunström make a number of sets here.

Last Romeo and Juliet was set up on the main stage was in 1983, which was the first time Göran O Eriksson’s translation was played. Göran O Eriksson was also responsible for directing.

In Tunström is Göran O Eriksson’s translation used in the processing of Armin Kerber. The show is inspired by the film “Irreversible” and the aesthetics of “The Warriors” with its stylized urban retro futurism.


by William Shakespeare

Premiere November 18 on the Main Stage

Translation Göran O Eriksson

Processing Armin Kerber

Director Linus Tunström

Scenography and costumes Julia Przedmojska

Music Foad Arbabi

Light William Wenner

Mask Carina Saxenberg

Sound Simon Mårtensson

In the roles

Julia – Gizem Erdogan

Romeo – Daniel Nyström

Mercutio – Emil Almén

Benvolio – Alma Pöysti

Tybalt – Robert Fux

Paris – Leonard Terfelt

Mrs. Montague – Anna Wallander

Mr Capulet – Anders Johannisson

Lady Capulet – Jessica Liedberg

Amman – Åke Lundqvist

Brother Laurence – Peter Gardiner

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