Rocky has moved in on The Museum of Spirits

By on February 13, 2017

Rocky On The Museum Of Spirits 11 February to 29 October 2017

As Rocky moved in on The Museum of Spirits is it with furniture and everything. In the wagon has he brought with him as well the kitchen as the studio, country house and the friend Igges living room. Environments familiar to anyone who followed Rocky through the years.

 Martin Kellerman’s own starting point has been to “make a Junibacken for adults”. He has painted and created the different rooms where you can sit down at the pink table, hanging by the fire barrel on the country, see how a comic strip emerge and ponder over the state of affairs with Rocky.

In Martin Kellerman’s strips of Rocky is no topics to small or large to be dealt with, whether it is global warming, gluten intolerance or hunt for the perfect drunk. In a scathing and accurate way has it talked about celebrity wine, craft beer and wine snobbery. Which wine plays together best with the breakfast sandwich and Kalles caviar? Why has the bag-in-box wines names reminiscent of security blanket? And is not it still most comfortable to drink wine at home so you avoid the noise at the pub?

But in Rocky’s world it is rarely the drinks that plays the main role. If the kitchen or tavern is the backdrop, the alcohol props. As Rocky on himself said: “I like to drink wine and talk, but not to drink wine and talk about wine! I like to walk and think about things, but I do not want to join a walking club and talk about walking. “

In conjunction with the exhibition has Kartago Förlag published the book Rocky on the Museum of Spirits where Rocky on lover Jessika Gedin trying to find out what it is that makes Rocky on so popular and why Martin Keller’s contemporary portrayal is so important. The images in the book is Martin Kellerman’s own snapshots and provides a picture of how the show has evolved.

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