Robots wrestling, mingle and offers grand show

By on November 7, 2016

Robot wrestling, racing events and other thrilling challenges are on the program as the toughest robots meet in Stockholm Robot Championship at the Technical Museum on Saturday 12 November. On Sunday, Elsa take over the stage – a social little robot programmed by Fredrik Löfgren who can dance, play football and actually – work at the museum.

On the last Mega Weekend is it robots of all shapes that has put the theme, and the museum is visited by some of the very sharpest and most well-programmed beings. We meet the NAO robot Elsa and her friend Fredrik Löfgren – winner of SVT’s Genius Fight of the Year and technologist, social mingling robot Furhat and Paro, the therapeutic seal that makes life better for people with Alzheimer’s.

With the house full of robots, you never know what happens. When Elsa’s sister Mermaid tried to work in the museum’s cash she gave discounts to all visitors whom she identified as robots. I love robots and are sure that everyone who comes here to meet Elsa, Furhat and Paro will be delighted too, says Linda Sandberg, Program Director, Technical Museum.

There will also be tough championship in sumo wrestling, car racing and line tracking with robots when the winner in Stockholm Robot Championship will be crowned. Here competes only preprogrammed robots – as soon as they let loose in the wrestling ring, they fight until the mission is completed and all opponents have been neutralized. To win requires skill in both mechanics, electronics and programming.

For those who do not already have built and programmed a robot is a chance to try. Museum Lego robots are ready to receive instructions to go forward along tricky paths and perform various missions. Here requires no experience – it is enough to be curious.

A few times during the day, it’s time to feed the museum’s latest robot supplements digestive tract. With crunching gear turns both pieces of sushi and sandwiches to mush, breaks them down with stomach fluids and hugs them along the translucent intestines until they finally come out in the form of brown poop sausages. The device is built from the pharmacy to show how the stomach works and offers an equally compelling display every time it wakes up to eat.

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