Robots success from London makes World Tour starts in Stockholm

By on December 21, 2018

Now it is clear that the Technical Museum will be the first international stop for the Robots – audience success created by the Science Museum in London. With over 100 humanoids it is the most comprehensive collection of human-like robots ever featured with well-known faces from movies, a Japanese news anchor the latest industrial robots.

Human-like machines – they are fascinating but at the same time scary. Why do we create machines that look like people? With Robots, we get to interact with some of the latest robots – artificially intelligent and human-like characters. But with the exhibition, the Science Museum also backs the band to early automations for 500 years back in time.

Several of the robots in the exhibition are interactive and follow visitors with their eyes, follow their commands, move or act as news readers for the latest robot news. We meet the classic T-800 from Terminator (1991), Mary from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927), and see mechanized creations that can be said to be human-like robots of the 1500s.

Robots have been an audience success when shown in Britain. The unique collection of robots from both popular culture, early industrial history and future captures both technology-intensive and those fascinated by the idea of ​​living together with human-like robots.

The exhibition will open at the Technical Museum on July 17, 2019 and will be displayed until March 2020. It is the first international stop on a world tour that continues to Asia.

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Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm