Roald Dahl, Peer Gynt, Maria Bonnevie, mini circus and miracle

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Roald Dahl, Peer Gynt, Maria Bonnevie, mini circus and miracle – here is the spring of 2018 on Dramaten

Spring’s premiere at Dramaten:

Tartuffe by Molière

When Orgon invites home Situation Sthlm dealer Tartuffe turns the life in the wealthy family upside down. Although the rest of the family is convinced that Tartuffe is a sanctimonious imposter, has Orgon soon given him everything he owns.

Staffan Valdemar Holm places Molière’s classic comedy Tartuffe in a prosperous and conventional contemporary home not far from Dramaten. Here we can see Tartuffe in an uncensored version – without compromises and fuss for the royal power. The play was premiere in Versailles in 1664, but was banned afterwards. The ban was lifted in 1669 after the play was rewritten.

Translation: Lars Huldén
Director: Staffan Valdemar Holm
Starring: Magnus Roosmann, Maria Bonnevie, Magnus Ehrner, Emma Broomé, Michael Jonsson, Simon Reithner, Johan Holmberg, Hulda Lind Jóhannsdóttir
Scenography and costume: Bente Lykke Møller
Premiere January 13, the Big Scene









Photographer: Therese Öhrvall


The Witches of Roald Dahl

Witches exist. They actually exist everywhere. And they want to kill all the children!

But they do not look like in the fairy tales – they look like ordinary women. Perhaps your teacher is a witch. Or the lady opposite on the bus. Or she who tear the tickets at the theater. But, they actually go to recognize if you know what to look for. They always wear gloves. Their saliva is bluish. And they carry wig to hide their dry, bald skulls! Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s horror now becomes theater. Here we meet the orphan boy moving to his grandmother – and of her knowing that witches are on real. Before he knows the word, he is in the midst of the heat of battle! Only he can save all England’s children! Recommended from 7 years.

Translation: Ragnar Strömberg
Dramatization: David Wood
Director: Alexander Mørk-Eidem
Contributors: Marie Richardson, Uno Elger, Olle van Klercker, John Österlund, Danilo Bejarano, Mia Benson, Nina Fex, Elin Klinga, Reuben Sallmander
Scenography: Christian Friedländer
Premiere January 18, the Little Scene
Unga Dramaten









Photographer: Therese Öhrvall


De andra by Jan Waldekranz

A newly written piece about exclusion, compassion and trust.

He has had a villa, a private company, two children. She has had parents, own drums, a band. Now they have nothing and they meet in a place where nobody wants to be. How did they end up there?

De andra depict a meeting between two people who lost the most. In a whirlwind conversation they explore each other and themselves. What governs our lives and our possibilities? And from what side of society do you regard the others? Jan Waldekranz, actor at Dramaten, has previously written and directed the play Love Bombing, which was set up on Dramaten 2004.

Director: Jan Waldekranz
Contributors: Jan Waldekranz, Electra Hallman
First performance January 24, Målarsalen

Kras by Tilde Björfors

A mini circus about being afraid, but still trying to dare!

Acrobatics and theater in a tickling mix: Kras is a sensuous performance that explores the boundaries between fear and curiosity, risk and opportunity, glass and break, almost wordless.

In a trapeze above a sea of crystal glass is the feeling of wanting to fly bigger than the fear of falling … Director Tilde Björfors is the founder of Circus Cirkör, Sweden’s leading new circus group, who offered innovative performances since 1995. Recommended from 6 years

Direction: Tilde Björfors
Contributors: Tanja Lorentzon, Hamadi Khemiri
Scenography and costume: Fridjon Rafnsson
First performance January 25th, Tornrummet
Unga Dramaten







Photographer: Anders Öhlund and Maria Therese

Angels in America by Tony Kushner

1980s New York. The AIDS epidemic rages, Ronald Reagan’s conservative politics prevail, worlds collide.

Joe is a young, ambitious, christian and neat lawyer with a big secret. What does he do at night, when his wife Harper is alone at home with his pills and pretend friends? Roy Cohn, star lawyer, does not think to be gay just because he have sex with men. And Louis gets panic when his boyfriend Prior gets really sick. The multifaceted award-winning Angels in America – a Gay Fantasia on National Themes, considered one of the most important dramatic works of the 1900s, is set up for the first time at Dramaten. The story moves freely between the supernatural and the unbearable real.

The set is part of a larger theme about America at Elverket.

Translation: Nils Gredeby
Director: Farnaz Arbabi
Contributors: David Arnesen, Thérèse Brunnander, Christopher Lehmann, Marall Nasiri, Razmus Nyström, Lotta Tejle, Christoffer Svensson
Scenography: Jenny Kronberg
Costume: Lena Lindgren
Premiere part 1: Millennium, February 1, 2018, Elverket
Premiere part 2: Perestrojka, February 22, 2018, Elverket

Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen

The Norwegian national epos Peer Gynt resembles nothing else with its wild mix of satire, surrealism and saga.

Now Peer Gynt’s incomparable life is portrayed in a concentrated set, signed director Michael Thalheimer. Michael Thalheimer is one of Europe’s most mentioned directors, renowned for down cooked machining of classical works, narrated with strong images and great feelings. Peer Gynt was last played at Dramaten 1991, directed by Ingmar Bergman.

Translation: Lars Forssell
Processing: Michael Thalheimer, Maja Zade
Director: Michael Thalheimer
Contributors: Erik Ehn, Stina Ekblad, Rebecka Hemse, Carl-Magnus Dellow, Andreas Rothlin Svensson, Thomas Hanzon
Scenography: Olaf Altmann
Costume: Michaela Barth
Premiere February 15, the Big Scene









Photographer: Therese Öhrvall

Höst och vinter by Lars Norén

Two adult sisters are at dinner with their parents. It’s supposed to be a nice family dinner. But because it’s a Lars Norén play, it’s not really that.

In Höst och vinter, one of Lars Norén’s bourgeois quartets, we get a settlement between children and parents which it strike sparks about. Here is the bourgeois family portrayed – where the daughters’ lives have evolved in completely different directions – with sharpened looks and lovely, evil replicas. An actress party with as much black as humor. Höst och vinter were played for the first time at Dramaten 1989.

Director: Stefan Larsson
Contributors: Hans Klinga, Livia Millhagen, Ingela Olsson, Alexandra Rapaport
Scenography: Rufus Didwiszus
Costume: Nina Sandström
Premiere February 23, the Little Scene

Kungligaste teatern of Anna Vnuk

“Theater is a craft and passion. One can you learn and the other you have, Julia.”

Julia knows nothing about theater – just that she loves it! She loves the imagination, how pretend becomes for real. When she is alone in her room, she is dreaming away and watching clips from musicals, operas and plays. When she google for the most famous theater, she finds Dramaten, the royal theater. She decides to go there, all by herself! But when she searches for the ticket box, does she get lost in the big house and suddenly stumble in on a rehearsal. There stands a queen and a prince in full accoutrement, and soon Julia is part of all the strange things. Kungligaste teatern is a play about the comfort of being able to create other worlds when the real is too hard, a love explanation for the magic of the theater. Recommended from 12 years.

In the lead role Nina Rashid, who got the role after an audition and now debuts on Dramaten.

Director: Anna Vnuk
Contributors: Nina Rashid, Pierre Wilkner, Torkel Petersson and others.
Scenography and costume: Jenny Kronberg
First performance March 8, Lejonkulan
Unga Dramaten







Photographer: Therese Öhrvall

The dresser by Ronald Harwood

See Sven-Bertil Taube and Krister Henriksson together on stage for the first time.

One evening in the 1940s, during Germany’s bombings of England, the aging actor Sir John and his dresser Norman prepare for the performance of King Lear. Around them they have a whole ensemble that is dependent on the great actor going up on the stage. But Sir John approaches a breakdown and perceives the war’s air alarms and bombings as a personal violation. He refuses to play! The only one who can pick him up on stage is his dresser. Krister Henriksson plays the dresser who lives for the great actor. Sven-Bertil Taube plays the great actor who lives for himself and his art.

Director: Eva Dahlman
Contributors: Krister Henriksson, Sven-Bertil Taube, Per Svensson, Lena Endre, Michael Jonsson and others.
Scenography and costumes: Magdalena Åberg
Premiere March 24, the Big Scene







Photographer: Therese Öhrvall

The Tidings Brought to Mary by Paul Claudel

The place is 14th century France. Enormous cathedrals are being built, Jeanne d’Arc is born. Is it a time for miracles?

The sisters Violaine and Mara live with their parents. The father suddenly leaves the family to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He decides that Violaine will marry to leave the farm in the hands of the fiancé – despite the wild protests of the envious Mara. But there will be no wedding . A mysterious meeting between Violaine and a prominent cathedral builder has changed everything.

The Tidings Brought to Mary is a drama about the humans spiritual search, about a family’s breakup between good and evil and the way to reconciliation.

The director Wilhelm Carlsson was closely linked to Dramaten between 1987 and 1997. In recent years he has been acclaimed for his opera sets, not least the Nibelung’s Ring at the Värmlandsoperan 2011.

Translation: Maria Björkman
Director: Wilhelm Carlsson
Contributors: Maria Salomaa, Johan Holmberg, Jennie Silfverhjelm, Otto Hargne, Claes Ljungmark, Gunnel Fred
Scenography and costume: Marcus Olson
Premiere March 29, the Little Scene









Photographer: Therese Öhrvall

Dramaten& 2018
Dramaten& continues spring 2018 with several formats: Swedish stories on stage and Sorgpodden will return after audience successes in the fall, Spoken word continues and the book circles will receive Bergmantema. In addition, there will be concerts – artists will be presented later.

Book circles
Drink tea (or coffee), eat scones, discuss the book and listen to an actor who reads selected pieces from the book. In the spring of 2018 reads Dramaten’s book circle three books that all relate to Ingmar Bergman – 100 years after his birth. The theater’s dramatists lead the conversation.
De oroliga of Linn Ullmann, February 11, at 3 pm, Neondämon
Arbetsboken 1955-1967 by Ingmar Bergman, March 18, at 3 pm, Neondämon
Laterna magica by Ingmar Bergman, April 15th, at 3 pm, Neondämon

European conversations
During the International Bergman year 2018, with the Bergman Festival as the culmination, Dramaten invites to a series of international talks about the contemporary. Dramaten becomes a venue for meetings with guests from a number of European theaters. Among the questions: nationalist currents, migration’s new Europe, the importance of Brexit for the culture and the threat to artistic freedom in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Russia. Among the participants is the German dramatist Falk Richter.
The conversation is organized by Dramaten& throughout 2018. More information and more names will be added.

Spoken word
Dramaten&’s popular Spoken word evenings will continue with two new performances in spring 2018, directed by Niklas Mesaros.
April 16 at 19:00 and April 17 at 19:00, the Little Scene

Swedish stories on stage
P1’s Swedish stories, which highlight the listeners’ own stories, moved in the fall in on Dramaten’s scene. The cooperation will continue in spring 2018!
1 Feb at 19:00, 1 March at 19:00, 12 April at 19:00, Neondämon

Talk about sadness with Kristian Ramírez. Spring guests: Shahram Khosravi, associate professor and senior assistant master at the social anthropology department of Stockholm University and Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, photographer.
March 4 at 17:00 and 22 April at 18:00, Lejonkulan’s foyer

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