Riga Tiger And La Lusid At Debaser Strand

By on September 8, 2019

Friday 13 September 2019 plays both Riga Tiger and La Lusid at Debaser Strand, reality pop meets thoughtful, intelligent pop and smart arrangement.

Riga Tiger
With realism pop, the Gothenburg band Riga Tiger puts everyday life on pedestals. That honesty lasts the longest is a belittled truth that is easily forgotten in the scrolling land of instagram filters. But with disguised lyrics, Riga Tiger is serious about dusting off this saying. With honesty, they capture the magic of everyday life – the magic that each of us has learned to suppress.

On September 13, the band releases the long-awaited album “If You Think About Time It Goes On”, a bunch of songs that are linked together in its common theme: time. After the critically acclaimed debut album “I do not agree with your opinion and am ready to kill you for it” from 2017 and the EP “Haha Paradise” Riga Tiger wants to make reality of everyday life again at the country’s clubs.

La Lusid
With thoughtful, intelligent pop and smart arrangement, La Lusid has mutated a place of its own in the hearts that beats what really feels.

They move seamlessly between genres and languages and the self-titled debut album of 2018 contains songs in both languages and is as much introverted as extroverted.

  Everything is recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves, in their studio which they run and call the haunted house.

Don´t miss Riga Tiger and La Lusid at Debaser Strand Friday 13 September 2019.

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