Retail Experience Live is also investing in becoming the whole retail meeting place

By on September 1, 2019
Image from Retail Experience Square during Retail Experience Live 2019

In May 2019, it was the premiere of Retail Experience Live at Kistamässan in Stockholm. Now Easyfairs Norden AB is investing in a further development of the concept together with exhibitors, partners and visitors.

The trade, which in 2018 had a turnover of SEK 767 billion and employed more than 270,000 people, is today facing major changes where the development is fast.

– Our ambition is to work with our participants to make our visitors feel like they are in a department store, where they can shop new smart solutions, improve their businesses and build a brand, says project manager Lise Backby Moberg. The industry, which is constantly changing, needs its annual, obvious meeting place where the news is in place and the future development is discussed.

Retail Experience Live is the event where the retail chain’s entire value chain is visualized. New for 2020 will be to further clarify the concept. This is done through four well-thought-out focus areas:

  • Retail Support
  • Retail Tech
  • Marketing & Brands
  • In-Store Design

After a dialogue with the industry and to better meet the market’s needs, it has also been decided to move the event from May to September.

– The meeting place, which runs between September 8-9, 2020 at Kistamässan, will reflect the seamless boundaries of reality in trade. Therefore, we will continue to deepen our already initiated collaborations with the industry’s most important players. This way we ensure 2 days of high-level content, news and networking opportunities with a business focus, continues Lise Backby Moberg.

Business | Retail Experience Live is also investing in becoming the whole retail meeting place

About Retail Experience Live:
Retail Experience Live is a trade show concept designed to meet the retail world ‘s new map and rapid changes. In an industry where globalization, digitalisation and automation work together more and more, it becomes increasingly important to stay at the forefront as a retailer. Retail Experience Live is a comprehensive venue that encompasses the full range of retail and brands. The size and breadth of the meeting place are summarized in four well-thought-out focus areas.