Restaurateur Karl Ljung back at Riddarholmen

By on September 22, 2019

During the Christmas dinner at the Old National Archives, Niklas Ekstedt is again joined by L’Avventura’s restaurateur Karl Ljung who makes his third Christmas dinner at Riddarholmen. Together, the popular and inspiring restaurateurs turn up for a lavish Swedish Christmas table with homemade delicacies, classics and of course their personal favorites.

“Great fun to have another year with Niklas at the Old National Archives Christmas table! We have turned and focused on the details to be able to further lift this year’s experience for all Christmas dinner guests. All the senses should be stimulated. This year, we have also focused on optimizing the service experience. ” – Karl Ljung

Last year’s Christmas table at Riddarholmen was a real success and a visitor record with a total of 29,000 Christmas table guests from all over Sweden. In less than two months, November 15, the doors will open again for this year’s most enchanting event and one of Sweden’s most prized Christmas tables signed chef duo Ekstedt and Ljung.

This year’s Christmas table will offer several news where the modern vegetarian and vegan Christmas dishes receive as much love and care as the usual dishes. Also don’t miss the chance to celebrate a British American Christmas with our Turkey Bonanza on December 25th on Christmas Day itself. The room filled with cheese, sweets and homemade desserts is of course a tradition that lives on this year too.

The Christmas table is served between November 15 and December 24. Welcome to Riddarholmen and a house filled with Christmas food and magic.

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