Restaurant Volt wins at the White Guide gala

By on March 7, 2017

KRAV Certified Restaurant Volt took home the prize for the year’s Sustainable Gastronomy at this year’s White Guide gala at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg. The annual gala celebrates Sweden’s best restaurants and restaurant experiences through prizes in various categories.

With the Year Sustainable Gastronomy price White Guide and KRAV rewards a restaurant that combines a great dining experience with a clear ambition to improve the sustainability of its own operations and the underlying joint. The restaurants are ranked based on a weighted combination of gastronomic scored by the White Guide and how many stars the restaurant has on its KRAVs certification.

Restaurant Volt wins with the motivation: “With a burning commitment and great dedication continually develop wayward, gastronomic experiences in the master class, where organic and sustainable contribute to the overall experience.”

– Amazing, this is a price we really wanted! It’s this we’ve been working for all along, says Johan Bengtsson, restaurant manager and co-owner of Restaurant Volt.

Restaurant Volt is KRAV certified on the second level with two stars. The other nominees in the category were Eco Village Waterfront, Mörbylånga (3 stars), Kalf & Hansen, Stockholm (3 stars) and Little Bjers Farm Pub, Visby (3 stars).

Volt Restaurant is a restaurant that really drives the Swedish gastronomy ahead. We are very impressed with how they have brought the suppliers on the journey towards a sustainable gastronomy, says Johan Cejie, sales manager at KRAV.

KRAV and White Guide collaborate on to clearly mark all KRAV labelled restaurants in the guide. In this year’s White Guide is full 36 KRAV labelled restaurants, spread throughout Sweden.

In total there are more than 1200 KRAV-certified restaurants in Sweden. Restaurants can be certified only on three different levels to show diners how much of the restaurant’s food is cooked with approved ingredients. The more approved raw materials, the more stars the label is completed:

One star = 25% or approved food or 15 approved products
Two stars = at least 50% of approved food
Three stars = at least 90% of approved food

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