Restaurant Hantverket launches “Liquor table on Hantverket”

By on January 10, 2017

In late January Restaurant Hantverket is launching: Liquor table on Hantverket! It will be an experience for the senses where you challenge and overturn on concepts of good and ugly. A dinner where the booze is in focus and the food must adapt accordingly.

We have tested and experimented with booze, ingredients and spices in the bar. It has now grown into an experience for the senses, where we redo everything we learned about high culture and allows the food to adapt to the booze, says Jonathan Sammons and Anton Wallin, bartenders at Restaurant Hantverket.

There will be only 8 seats per night for this exciting experience that consists of a five-course tasting menu adapted to drinks and cocktails that smells, tastes and feels! Premiere of 26 January, 2017.

– The bar is an important part of the experience at the restaurant. Here the focus is on the visual and artisanal very garnityrer as hand-cut ice cubes and seared citrus peel and self-produced essences that creates exciting flavors says Josefin Carlsson, operations manager for Restaurant Hantverket.

Restaurant Hantverket, Sturegatan 15th
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