Résistance Extensioniste – for longer and stronger hair

By on June 9, 2018

Résistance Extentioniste is a brand new hair care series specially designed to strengthen the health and beauty of long hair. Because when women talk about long hair at the hairdresser, in social media and among friends, there are two recurring requests; beautiful and longer hair. Goals that can only be achieved with hair that feels the best.

Kérastase determined that long hair needs personal training to reach the longer lengths. Résistance Extentioniste is your daily new hair workout program that aims to strengthen your hair from the roots to the tops. Your hair will be strong, fresh without split hair ends and without it breaking. Your hair is in top shape so it can continue to grow.

More and more women let their hair grow out. They are looking for shiny silk lengths and a fresh hair without split hair ends and hair that does not go off. Many women want to achieve their dream length as quickly as possible and maintain the quality of the hair. The road there is not always easy. The damage that affects the health of the hair, which is often caused by contamination, overtreated hair, climate change, multiplies when hair grows and grows longer. It turns out in the form of split hair ends, hairs that go off and hair becomes tangled. And many times the only rescue is to cut off the hair.

To cut or not cut?
That is the question many women stand when their long hairs they love are damaged and in bad condition. Kérastase has an alternative solution. As part of your daily training program, Résistance Extentioniste combines activation of the scalp and reinforcing the structure and surface of the hair fiber, so that the hair keeps elasticity, shine and strength from roots to tops. Now a haircut can help you reach your hair targets, and not just eliminate damage.

Helena Olofsson, Fashion & Beauty