Reflections on Being – Gamleby Photo School

By on May 28, 2018

The exhibition Reflections on Being presents five young contemporary artists’ works where art reflects the individual’s relationship with the outside world. How do you perceive its surroundings and how do you relate to it?

During the education Formative Photography at Gamleby Folk High School, the students have developed their imaginative ability and format their own imagery. The final exhibition at Galleri Axel shows works related to current topics in society such as women’s play, racism and existential issues.

The students have worked with creative processes and have continuously reflected and discussed the image of an education that explores the role of the photographer in contemporary art.

Emma Bobeck
Jasmine Silius
Vera Jörgensen
Camila Rojas Fritz
Rebecka Pihl

Simon Berg

Linda Bergman

Vernissage at Gallery Axel Wednesday, May 30, 17 – 20

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