Reduce screen time

By on June 27, 2019

Reduce screen time, young people can charge their own batteries here through 200+ activities throughout the summer.

Sparks Generation, a digital platform that helps young people find their thing, their so-called Spark by creating inspiration within a large number of interests and highlighting free trial-on-opportunities, has now listed over 200 free activities around Greater Stockholm that various organizers organize throughout the summer.

The range comprises everything from street art, brännboll (like baseball but different), dance, taekwondo, photo, trampoline, parkour, excursions to the beach to songwriting courses and urban hip hop. The activities listed weekly throughout the summer are available at Botkyrka, Haninge, Järfälla, Sundbyberg, Tensta and at Fryshuset.

Sparks Generation is a non-profit organization that acts as a door opener between young and inclusive and fair associations, where young people develop, feel inner joy and community. With the help of selected rolemodels such as Penny Parnevik, the siblings and the YouTube stars Wilma & Emil Holmqvist, Sparks highlights new, known and unknown activities in sports, culture or school subjects.