Recycling station is removed at Kungsholmen

By on January 24, 2019

The recycling station at Norrmälarstrand / Kungsholm’s harbor plan in Stockholm is closed week 5 due to ground work on site. The work is expected to last throughout 2019. Meanwhile, the Packaging and Newspaper Collection (FTI) refers to the recycling of packaging and newspapers to other recycling stations at Kungsholmen.

– I hope that all recyclers will continue to sort and leave their packaging and newspapers for recycling at our other recycling stations during the time that the work is in progress, says Annika Ahlberg, Regional Manager at the Packaging and Newspaper Collection, FTI.

On the FTI’s website you can quickly find the recycling station that is closest to where you are and see information about when it is emptied and cleaned,

Recycling stations are for households and allow them to leave their paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging as well as newspapers for recycling, which significantly helps us to actively save on the earth’s finite resources in the manufacture of new packaging, products, glass and newspapers.

It is crowded in the street scene and thus difficult to find space for recycling stations, but more and more have property-related collection.

Companies and other businesses find where they leave their business packages free of charge on the FTI’s website,

FTI works to ensure that recycling stations are safe places to go to, for the benefit of residents in the areas they are located.

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