Recently graduated from Beckmans spread love in the #hate-hate campaign

By on October 11, 2016

Elin Klefbom who went out visual communication at Beckmans in the spring is current with a clothing line to campaign #hate-hate in cooperation with Telia and Aplace.

Yeah, so, I got a call from Kristian Rajnai at Aplace. He told me that they had found me through my degree (Same Effort No Glory) and wondered if I would be interested in a project to do with Telia. When he explained the brief a little more then I heard quite directly that there clearly was an interesting project for me, says Elin.

Campaign against network hate

Telia and Aplace has allowed three designers create respective symbol that takes a stand against networks hate. The symbol has been applied including t-shirts, caps, bags, and mobile shell and sold exclusively at Aplace. Besides Elin has designers Finsta and Stina Löfgren developed symbols.

– I must take this opportunity to give cred to both Aplace and Telia who dared to give the job to a rookie, given that the other two are very established. I’ve even had Finsta as a teacher here at Beckmans! says Elin.

Degree Project with merchandise

Elin’s graduation project from Beckmans is a fan club for female athletes under the name of Same Effort No Glory. To the club she, among other things created a collection supporter garments sold in an online shop. The project received a lot of positive attention and orders for her merchandise comes in from all over the world.

Many people say that I should take it further and do something more, which of course I also want to, but I do so much other fun stuff now so that right now is a little on the ice. The next step might be to make a new collection, and try to spread it somehow more targeted to the sports world. In The research project, I also found very many fine old black and white photos of real badass female athletes in the early 1900’s that I saved for the future …

Many projects in the pipeline

Today Elin works at the newly established communications agency Affairs and their sister company Young Art that works with young artists and designers.

Besides that I also work with music managementet / hip hop collective, RMH, which is super fun in very many ways. And of course some other smaller projects alongside when I have time … Now for example, I start with a new project where I visually to help a friend who makes grillz, psyched on that project! Has somehow ended up in a context where I meet a lot of good people, says Elin.

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