Rebecka and Charlie start Skansens concert season

By on May 24, 2017

Now summer is finally here, and a sure sign is that Rebecka Karlsson and Charlie Grönvall start their summer tour at Skansen on May 27th. At 14 o’clock they run on Sollidenscenen and officially open it for the summer season, which offers sing along, Körklang, jazz evenings, Children’s sing along, Laleh, Per Gessle and the Royal Philharmonicians to name a hold points.

It’s the first time that two Idol medalists join forces for a tour of this caliber. Rebecka Karlsson, who took silver, and Charlie Grönvall, who came third, have laid the start of the Sollidenscenen on May 27th. The event will be Skansen’s big show premiere this summer, then Sanna Nielsen and Allsången will perform closely followed by Körklang, Jazz Evenings, Children’s sing along, Laleh, Per Gessle, Royal Philharmonic, Evert Taube and Jenny&Jussi.

Already in 2014, Charlie Grönvall competed in the Melodifestival with his band of that time, Little Great Things. Last year, his new band Bracelet participated in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix, and the group also released music in South Korea.

Rebecka Karlsson came straight from school to Idol and still lives in Helsingborg, where she looks forward to the summer job as a full-time artist. But as an eight-year-old she competed in TV4 Talang. Five years later, 2014, she participated in Talang again, but in the final she had to give up against final winner Jon Henrik Fjällgren.

Rebecka and Charlie perform with their own live band and will offer many songs from the Idol Week, interpretations of international superhits, but also newly written song material.

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