RAP/R&B-rising star Russ to Sweden for the first time!

By on October 28, 2017

Russ does everything. He raps, sings, writes, produces, mixes, masters – and he does it very well. The hits “What They Want” (148 million streams on Spotify) and “Losin Control” (115 million streams) are two fine receipts on it. Both songs come from the celebrated debut album “There’s Really A Wolf”, which now takes Russ to Sweden for the first time. See you on March 4 at Nobelberget in Stockholm!

Tickets were released yesterday, Friday October 27th, at 10.00 am via LiveNation.se

Russ has come in as a hurricane on the hip hop scene. With his unique mix of song and rap – over innovative and extremely vigorous productions – Russ has quickly taken the world by storm.

If the number of streams is a receipt of success, Russ is one of the most successful hip hop acts right now. With hundreds of millions of streams, hundreds of thousands of fans have also come across the world. In a time when rap music either sounds “so-so” – Russ comes with something unique and own. “Fresh fan” is an understatement.

He produces, writes, raps / sings and records everything himself. He seems to be able to do everything. And all of this we will finally get to know – for the first time in Sweden! Sunday 4 March will be a date for the history books. Russ is the future – and the future is here!

Date 2018
4/3 – Nobelberget, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm