Rap sensation Lil Dicky to Sweden this fall!

By on July 20, 2018

Lil Dicky is the rapper who has taken the whole world by storm. It started with the song “Ex-Boyfriend” who received over 1 million views on YouTube within a day – and nobody could have missed this year’s super hit “Freaky Friday” (feat Chris Brown) with its amazing video? Only that song has 250 million streams on Spotify and 333 million (!) Views on YouTube. Now we finally see Lil Dicky live in Sweden! Saturday November 10th at Nobelberget in Stockholm!

Tickets are available on LiveNation.com

Lil Dicky is the rapper who accounts for a lot of humor (which his upcoming comedy on the FX Network can testify) – and an equal amount of rap talent. He is one of the most celebrated rappers right now and can rap circles around many rappers out there.

At the debut album he worked with Snoop Dogg (the song with the same title as the record “Professional Rapper”), Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (“Save Dat Money”), among other things. This year, “Freaky Friday” was released and the video has become one of the year’s most viral – with Chris Brown and Lil Dicky in a unique and creative collaboration.

Lil Dicky has been honored – and now he finally arrives (!) to Sweden. Saturday November 10th, it’s time for the Swedes to get some “Life Lessons” by Lil Dicky!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm