Rainbow wedding at the Opera

By on August 4, 2017

Today, the Royal Opera opens the Gold Foyer for drop-in weddings. The wedding officiant will navigate wedding couples through a rainbow colored love party within the frame for the Pride Week. And there are still a few places left …

It is for the second consecutive year that the Opera during one day becomes the center of a unique wedding. This year’s wedding officiant is Ganime Stålenhag and Svante Hådell. After respective wedding sings Monika Mannerström Skog or Malin Emilson, sopranoes at the Royal Opera, accompanied by the pianists Ecaterina Wehlander or Kiyo Wada.

That the day will be nice and special certifies Monika Mannerström Forest, who also participated last year:

– It was wonderful to see the bridal couples joy. Some came themselves, and some brought with them family and friends. And all the weddings were just as touching. At first they were overwhelmed by how beautiful the Golden Foal is, and then it went over to them and their promise to each other.

The Operan CEO and operan manager Birgitta Svendén:

– With this we want to highlight Operan’s commitment to HGBQ people and everyone’s right to marry who they want.

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