Raija Jokinen, textiles, February 18 to March 9

By on December 26, 2016

With my art, I try to visualize normal and everyday emotions and occasions, which is about our emotional and physical surroundings. In my works, one can find figures resembling our physical essence as the nervous system, blood circulation and skin structure but they are mixed with forms of the root system and branches without the need to be specific for either. I am fascinated by the similarity and the endless variation between these forms and the life-support function that they both represent.

I seek analogies between material and abstract structures and they are just like our body and the soul itself indicates. Often I think of where the border actually runs between the physical and the spiritual, between body and soul?
As the materials I use Finnish flax and methods I developed from traditional textile techniques. With sewing can I attach the fiber and it gives me the opportunity to develop diverse forms.

Since 1990, after I received my MA from the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, I have worked as a textile artist and participated in exhibitions in Finland and abroad. My commission and embellishments are both in public spaces in companies in Finland and abroad.

Raija Jokinen

The echo
18 February – 9 March

Götgatan 63
116 21 Stockholm
Phone 08 641 66 08 www.gallerihantverket.se
Open: Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16, Sun 12-16

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