Radical Love – a circus experiments with free admission!

By on January 12, 2017

300 artists, scientists, activists and international the circus artists occupies UKK to celebrate the love for the radical, for the impossible, for the circus arts and together explore airspace opportunities! Radical Love is a part of UKKs 10th anniversary.

Saturday, January 21 meet international circus artists, architects, artists, exciting researchers and activists to occupy the Uppsala Concert & Congress. During a full day called Radical Love, they will first explore the airspace and outer space, along with visitors and audiences. Some parts of Radical Love is already nailed; that it will be a hot-air balloon inside the house, that it will be lecturing and make circus everywhere. But most of Radical Love will emerge improvised! – in the moment.

Radical Circus inaugural Circusification! (’16) manifesto

1. Circus is everything.

2. Circus must never happen on stage.

3. Tickets are forbidden (but donating = loving).

4. All forms of acting are prohibited.

5. All components – sound, light, movement, objects – are to be created in the moment.

6. A performance may never be repeated.

7. The use of communication tools such as email or the telephone while creating is forbidden. These are the killers of creativity, the off-switches of desire.

8. Circusify – continually!

9. Embrace accidents & unbalance yourself (the invisible will always surprise you).

WHAT: Radical Love
WHEN: January 21, from 15:00 to 00:00
WHERE: Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
HOW: Free admission!