Put the crown on my head – Monologue premiere at the Stockholm Fringe Festival

By on July 13, 2019
Kajsa Svensson in the role of the princess in "Put the crown on my head". Photo: Maria Clauss

An aging princess confesses her desires and fears. She seeks a loophole from the relentless power of time and the demands of fate. The set is poetic, ambiguous and musical.

“Before, I was beautiful. I no longer know what I am. I do not know what I have become, but later I will become a corpse. A corpse among all the others.”

“Protect your heart. Protect the sex’s longing heart. Yet not everything is in vain. So allow the desire.”

Put the crown on my head played 6 – 7 September 2019 at Stockholm Fringe Festival / Theater 3. Tickets are sold via: www.stockholmfringe.com

  • By: Helena Österlund
  • Actor: Kajsa Svensson
  • Director: Maria Clauss
  • Scenography and costume: Tove Alderin, Elin Stampe, TAS
  • Music: Moa-Lina Croall

Helena Österlund
Helena Österlund, born 1978 and living in Stockholm, has previously published three books on Albert Bonniers Förlag. The poem collection The Word and the Colors were awarded the Borås newspaper’s debutant prize in 2011. In 2015, she was awarded the Mare Kandre Prize. My vulnerable body [N / L 0002] is her first major novel, and at her release, quickly became one of the country’s most-written and acclaimed books.

Stockholm Fringe Festival
Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) is a six-day multidisciplinary performing arts festival. Local and international artists have the opportunity, within the framework of STOFF, to present their innovative works – which can consist of everything between performance and installation art.

The festival fancies for artistic freedom and strives to highlight, as well as give space to, the alternative works that are outside the framework of regular performing arts. STOFF is not just a platform for flourishing artists to develop on, but also welcomes established artists and groups whose work is groundbreaking.

The monologue “Put the Crown on my head” is performed in Swedish.

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