Puss, puss – a tribute to Basia!

By on May 31, 2018
Roger Stenberg

Actress Basia Frydman, who passed away in 2016, is celebrated by actors, singers and guest artists in a unique program on Dramatens stage Målarsalen at June 10th. In Basia’s spirit, text, music and lots of love are promised. The evening is organized in cooperation with the Jewish Assembly and the Family Robert Weil Foundation.

“In 1982, Basia Frydman entered Dramaten with her own Dionysus train – self wearing cigarette nozzle, leopard tights and Dra-maten-wagon. The national scene had received the primadonna as it had never imagined. She surprised the world with power and artistic expression. Basia refused to be multicultural. Why would she be? She was the whole world in a nutshell.” Lars Löfgren, Dramaten Director 1985-97

“Puss, puss”, which we chose to call the program, was one of Basia Frydman’s signature phrases. The thoughts also go to the wall, next to the stage of Dramatens small stage, where Basia, known for its intense red lips, gladly made kiss prints before entered the stage. Many red lips were on the wall over the years.

Basia Fryman belonged 1982-2013 Dramaten’s permanent ensemble. Her first role was as Råttan i Tröstetrasan by and with the longtime coupplehorse Staffan Westerberg. Then she played 59 different roles at Dramaten. Basia also participated in many movies, released the album Farbotene Lider ojf Jiddish and was the foundation of the Jewish theater. For many, she is perhaps best known as Syster Yster in the children’s program Lillstrumpa and Syster Yster. Basia past away on August 21, 2016 after a time of illness.

In cooperation with the Jewish Assembly and the Family Robert Weil Foundation.

Puss, puss – a tribute to Basia !, June 10, at 16.00 in Målasalen.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm