Program release: Tensta Konsthall 2018

By on January 12, 2018

In 2018, Tensta Konsthall celebrates 20 years. It’s celebrates by looking forward, and focus on children and young people in the immediate area. During the anniversary year, a strong future focus is also expected with an international group exhibition on the theme “the future”. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the local area by expanding the art gallery’s activities in Tensta and taking place in schools, shop windows and retail premises. Dora Garcia (Barcelona), Philippe Parreno (Paris) and Gabi Ngcobo (Johannesburg) are some of the guests who attend the art gallery with projects that stamp off everything from the Russian revolutionist Aleksandra Kollontaj to secret transnational correspondence between Swedish apartheid opponents and families of prisoners of South African freedom fighters.

The year begins with Art treasure: Gold grain from Tenstas municipal schools, which draws attention to the art of the municipal schools of Tensta. A thirty works by artists such as Berta Hansson, Sven X: et Erixson, Carl Larsson and Randi Fisher are re-highlighted by exhibiting at Tensta konsthall. All of the area’s 76 school classes are invited together with the teachers in to the art gallery to get acquainted with this art-historical treasure, as well as the other activities of the art gallery. The places released at the schools are filled with contemporary art by Bernd Krauss (Stockholm), Nina Svensson (Stockholm), Peter Geschwind (Stockholm) and many others.

At the same time opens the group exhibition Snart nog: art and action, where 26 artists show works that affect and activate the future in different ways. It is reflected, inter alia, in the work of the hand and nature’s resources. A collaboration with Stockholm County Museum and Folkets Hus and Parker enables the project The Futuristic Region, which deals with the parallels between suburbs and resorts in today’s Sweden. Artists such as Joar Nango (Tromso), Christian Nyampeta (Kigali / Amsterdam / New York) and Suki Seokyeong Kang (Seoul) provide artwork for the towns of Hallstavik, Sorunda, Rågsved and Tensta.

During the anniversary year, extra attention will be paid to the Tensta museum’s ongoing program line: continuation since 2013. Through the ambitious Art and Business initiative, Tensta Konsthall’s programs expand in the area and make art available in the most common situations. A total of about 20 art projects will be launched during the year.

The exhibits will as usually be activated by various business taking place in the art gallery. During the schools holiday, Konstkollo will return, and the new introductory course in contemporary art and form will continue in the spring. Language Cafes in Swedish, English and Arabic and the Women’s Café where residents in the area meet to talk and share craftsmen techniques weave in the current exhibitions in their ongoing activities.

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Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Tensta