Program release Sigtuna Literature Festival 2018

By on March 25, 2018

Now we release the program for this year’s festival! Excitement, fiction, existential questions, the Lilla Literature festival and talks about topical subjects are featured in this year’s program.

With over 25 participants and desire to read as a keyword, the Sigtuna Literature Festival offers a broad program. Award-winning and popular names like Lena Andersson, Jan Guillou, Martina Haag, Marie-Louise Ekman, Linda Skugge, Mikael Niemi, Pija Lindenbaum and Anders Roslund comes to meet their readers on May 5th. Now it is also clear that Amelia Adamo, Marianne Rundström, Tara Moshizi, the publishers Ann-Marie Skarp, Sofia Brattselius Thunfors and Erik Titusson, as well as the vicar Jakob Trônet and Ted Hesselbom, director Sigtuna Museum & Art, act as moderators.

– I am looking forward to having a close relationship with both authors and book lovers, greets Amelia Adamo, who will moderate the program Arvet efter 68-rörelsen with Jan Guillou and Marie-Louise Ekman.

ARVET EFTER 68-RÖRELSEN – Jan Guillou in conversation with Marie-Louise Ekman. Few years awaken as strong feelings as 1968. The year that is associated with the left wave but also a time synonymous with youth revolt and when the sight of sex and love, leisure and work changed. Under the direction of Amelia Adamo.

ABOUT CRIME AND PENALTY, REVENGE AND REHABILITATION – Anders Roslund in conversation with Marianne Rundström about the nerve tickling thriller Tre timmar where Anders Roslund lets infiltrate Piet Hoffman and criminal commissioner Ewert Grens reunite and take us even further into the world of excitement.

THE THING WITH GRAMMATIC – Sara Lövestam loves languages passionately and her books Grejen med verb and Grejen med substantiv have become great reading successes. Come and hear her tell how to really treat muffins in definite form and why adult people can not have a calmly conversation about the pronoun!

ABOUT TO TAKE THE POWER OVER THE OWN HISTORY – Mikael Niemi and Ann-Helén Laestadius talk about being Same. About ignorance and misconceptions, about the danger of not knowing their history, about being forced to speak a language that is not the same mother tongue. To take power over your own story.

EXHIBITION – Sigtuna Museum shows a unique exhibition with works by Pija Lindenbaum. It’s artwork that’s about being a child, being a girl, being exposed and strong at the same time.

SMALL LITERATURE FESTIVAL – On Children’s Day, organized by Märsta Förenade at Västerbytorp, the children will meet Jeanette Milde in a workshop. There is also a fairytale lecture. At Sigtuna Library they invite to a reading aloud with Pija Lindenbaum and meetings with the book dogs Muffin, Flora and praon Scott in the book bus in the garden.

For the entire program visit here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Sigtuna