Price rain over Sweden and Sápmi i Gourmand Awards 2018

By on June 4, 2018
Sitting from left Alena Gerasimova, Anders Oskal, Juoksa Beautiful, Mikhail Pogodaev. Standing from left Inger Anita Beautiful, Anna Chuprina, Marta Okotetto, Issat Turi, State Secretary (Norway) Anne Karin Olli, Ellen Sara Sparrok. Photo: International Reindeer Center

Price rain over Sweden and Sápmi in the international cookbook competition Gourmand Awards!

In this year’s edition of the prestigious international cookbook competition Gourmand Awards, Sweden won more prizes than ever before, including the amazingly excellent award ‘Best Food Book of the Year in all categories’, for EALLU, a book of indigenous youth from all over the Arctic published in Norway by the International Reindeer Center in cooperation with the Arctic Council.

– This award is a great recognition of the untiring work of indigenous peoples with what they believe in, for our unique Arctic food resources and our 10,000-year-old food traditions in the north, said Anders Oskal, Secretary General of the International Center for Reindeer Husbandry. We hope that the in-depth knowledge of food can now be highlighted, documented, respected and used to build their own communities in a time of very great changes in the Arctic. Gourmand Awards The finest prize is an important contribution to such a development and gives our youth the strength, pride and inspiration to work on. Therefore, this gives a great boost to our entire polar circular organization.

215 countries participated in the Gourmand Awards 2018 with gala and awards ceremony in Yantai, China on 26-27 May. The prestigious awards are distributed to cookbook writers, photographers, designers, publishers and media from all over the world.

Edouard Cointreau, chairman of the jury, president and founder of the Gourmand Awards, comments on Sweden’s successes:
– Sweden shows consistently high quality of books and other contributions in the food media, not least through design, where Lotta Kühlhorn’s design of the book AZUR is distinguished especially this year. With a high degree of innovation through audiobooks, toned drinks, television and tourism, Sweden shows the way in several global contexts. Sweden shows that a small country can claim internationally in all areas and it reflects more than ever after our international jury announced the results.

Best In The World

– Sweden has many affiliations throughout the world, it pleases me in particular that so many authors and publishers frequent travel to the Gourmand Awards awards in China, says Pelle Agorelius Grythyttan, who runs Husmansbord and Saxhyttegubben Grythyttan with his wife Ewa, and that is Swedish partner for the Gourmand Awards. This year, the representation became particularly unique when we collaborated with the Arctic Council and the International Center for Reindeer Husbandry on the occasion of EALLU, this year’s global world winner through the first prize in the Best Food Book of the Year in all categories.

Edouard Cointreau, chairman of the jury, president and founder of the Gourmand Awards, gives the following statement as to why EALLU won the most prestigious award of all:

– EALLU is the first book ever to show an overview of the food culture of indigenous peoples in the Arctic, said Edouard Cointreau, jury chairman, president and founder of the Gourmand Awards. A unique book, like unlike many others, can really change the lives of indigenous families, their nomadic communities and villages. In an exceptional and impressive way, the authors, who are all indigenous women, have managed to create a book that describes life and food culture in places that are largely unknown to the outside world. The way these young people, highly professional and respectful, shared their food, their arctic cultures and, in particular, their insights into global sustainability issues, at the Gourmand Awards on May 26, immediately caught the attention of cooks, authors, writers, journalists and photographers from more than 60 countries.

The Swedish winners in the world, Best in the World, nominated by the Gourmand Awards, are as follows:

World Winners May 26-27, 2018

Category number – category name – Country from which the contribution was submitted from – the name of the grant – authors – (publisher / publisher) – placement in the category


WFtv3 TV Person of the Year

Sweden – Steffo Törnquist, Nyhetsmorgon, (TV4)

WFtv7 TV Producer

Sweden – Clara Tengbom, Sommar med Ernst (TV4)


A1 Hall of Fame – Drinks

Sweden – Champagne Hiking, Richard Juhlin (Vinghästen)

A5 French wine

Sweden – Champagne, Vinet och Odlarna, Karlsson (Carlsson) 3:a

W2-4 Spirits

Sweden – Whisky, Örjan Westerlund (Storytel – Grenadine) 2:a

W2-8 Beer

Sweden – Beer, Brewing, & Bastards, Jonas Darnell, Peter Eronson (Grenadine) 2:a

W3-2 Drinks Education

Sweden – Cosmopolitan with a sonic twist, Per Samuelsson, Iréne Sahlin (Taste of Sound) 1:a

W3-3 Photography

Sweden – Champagne Hiking, Richard Juhlin, foto: Pål Allan (Vinghästen) 1:a

W3-3 Illustrations

Sweden – Beer, Brewing, & Bastards, Jonas Darnell, Peter Eronson (Grenadine) 1:a



A06 Special Awards

Sweden – Mannerströms Husmanskonster, Leif Mannerström (Norstedts)

Sweden – Naturens Skafferi, Louise Bondebjer (Kakao)

A09 Television Rest of the World

Sweden – Vår tid är nu, Johan Rosenlind, Lotta Fritzdorf, Maria Alexén, Anders Avehall (Grenadine – SVT – Jarowskij) 3:a

A10 Innovative

Sweden – Minnen ur mitt liv, Steffo Törnquist (Storytel – Lind) 3:a

A12 First Cookbook

Sweden – Malmö Cooking, Titti Qvarnström (Norstedts) 3:a

A13 Blogger Printed Book

Sweden – Green Kitchen at Home, David Frenkiel, Luise Vindahl (Norstedts) 2:a


B02 Best Food Book of the Year in all categories

Norway (Sweden through Sapmi) EALLU (Arctic Council – International Reindeer Centre) 1:a

B03 Cookbook Reviews – Newsletters

Sweden – Boktugg 1:a

B08 Design

Sweden – Azur, Design: Lotta Kühlhorn (Natur och Kultur) 1:a

B09 Foreign Rights Sellers

Sweden – Green Kitchen at Home, David Frenkiel, Luise Vindahl (Quadrille) 3:a

B15E National Tourism Website Europe

Sweden – 1:a

B16 Best Sellers

Sweden – Sju sorters Kakor – Fika, the Swedish Way (Norstedts) 2:a

B18 – app

Sweden – Eldrimner app 3:a


C01 Local

Sweden – Höga Kusten Vår del av Världen, Steven Ekholm (Magasin Höga Kusten publishing) 1:a

C03 French

Sweden – Sébastiens franska kokbok, Sébastien Boudet (Bonnier Fakta) 3:a

C06 Scandinavian

Czech Republic – Svedska Kucharka, Dominika Gasparova Wittemberg (Smart Press) 1:a

Sweden – Din vägvisare till Sveriges mathantverk (Eldrimner) 2:a

C11 Japanese

Sweden – Japansk grillning, Jonas Cramby, Roland Persson (Natur och Kultur) 2:a

C17 American

Sweden – Holy Smoke BBQ, Johan Fritzell, Johan Åkerberg (Natur och Kultur) 2:a

C20 – Latin American – Published outside Latin America

Sweden – Taco, Salsa & Tequila, Alexandra Zazzi (Kakao) 3:a

C22 – Arctic

Norway (Sweden through Sapmi) EALLU (Arctic Council – International Reindeer Centre)

Sweden – Smak av Norrsken, Bjorn Ylipää (Skog & Smak) 3:a


D02 Health and Nutrition

Sweden – Björn Frantzén lagar mat för sugna diabetiker och annat folk (Norstedts) 1:a

D03 Children

Sweden – Matlabbet, Martina Jönsson (TITEL Books) 3:a

D04 Food Writing

Sweden – Smak av Norrsken, Bjorn Ylipää (Skog & Smak) 2:a

D05 Culinary History

Sweden – Smakarv Hälsingland, Viola Adamsson 3:a

D06 Culinary Travel / Tourism

Sweden – Hungrig på Västerbotten, Erik Wennberg (North Chapter) 3:a

D09 Scientific Health and Nutrition

Sweden – The Helper, Karolina Jansson, Lotta Skoglund (Holm & Holm Books – Karolinska) 3:a

D10 Diet

Sweden – Beauty Food, Maria Ahlgren (Norstedts) 2:a

D11 Family

Sweden – Mums för Minigourmeter och Matgladisar, Gunilla Kinn Blom, Henrietta Anefalk, Edward Blom (Skabetti) 2:a

D13 Sport and Nutrition

Sweden – Maten bakom resultaten, Linda Bakkman (Norstedts) 4:a


E01 Easy Home Recipes

Sweden – Supergott och supersnabbt, Jessica Frej (Bonnier Fakta) 3:a

E06 Vegetarian

Sweden – Gourmetvego, Jennie Benjaminsson (Norstedts) 3:a

E10 Truffles and Mushrooms

Sweden – Matvampar, Bo Nylén (Norstedts) 3:a


F07 Europe

Sweden – Blå Kokboken, Anna Benson (Benzer) 1:a

F08 Embassies

Sweden – Swedish Culinary Diplomacy, Lars Ekberg, Matt Lutton

(Sweden Embassy in Serbia) 1:a

F09 Peace

Sweden – Religion and diet in a multi religious city, Ulrica Söderlind (Roos & Tegner) 1:a

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