Premiere of the new play Sparvel

By on April 10, 2017

It is wonderful to be five years! But that can be horrible too. Sometimes. And just as that is our idea of Sparvel. Up and down, back and forth. Just like life. Just in time for the Easter weekend, Thursday, April 13, we invite you to the premiere.

Sparvel is based on Barbro Lindgrens’s autobiographical book trilogy and played on a specially built stage in the Barnhans country in Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken. The play is a bit longer than previous performances at Junibacken, about 35 minutes.

– Sparvel is a straightforward and honest portrayal of what it is like to be a child in a world that can sometimes seem incomprehensible, says Mikael Kallin, artistic leader and director.

At the theater gradängen in Barnhans country where it contained more than a hundred people, the audience will sit, large and small, and share the experience together. By Sparvel we will experience just how easy-going, difficult and strange the world appears if you have not hGad time to understand it, or do not get it declared itself yet.

– People and meetings that are around Sparvel, is around every child around the world, and these meetings are interesting to portray as theater, says Mikael. And how Sparvel choose to interpret the world and its contents, it will be for her, of course, one way to deal with the unfathomable “Landet Abrahamsberg“, and certainly important to portray on stage.

Sparvel has public premiere on Maundy Thursday April 13 at 11:00.

Dramatization and directed by: Mikael Kallin.
Costume and set design: Mia Mirstam.
Music: Emil Nilsson
Lighting: Lumination (Johan Sundén)
Video design: Visual Relief AB (Johannes Ferm Winkler and Per Rydnert)
Participants: Rita Hjelm, Cecilia Skarby, Henric Joneskär, David Inghamn (Ida Dåverstam, David Krafft)

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